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Melanie Richards psychotherapist

About Me

I’m a psychodynamic psychotherapist and EMDR therapist and have had many years of training and experience in treating clients of all backgrounds, presenting with a wide range of problems including; anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addiction, relationship issues, bereavement and loss, trauma, PTSD and those who feel that they have become stuck and have lost meaning and direction.


Accredited by the BPC, UKCP,  FPC and EMDR Europe and  I work within and abide by the strict ethical standards issued by these professional bodies.

Outside of private practice, I have also worked as a psychotherapist in the Trauma Unit at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust.



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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. ” Carl Jung

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How I work

Psychological problems are common and may affect any one of us at any point in our lives. Some are short lived and respond well to brief focused psychotherapy; others may require a range of interventions and respond better to longer term psychotherapy.


I have found that providing a safe, supportive and confidential environment in which clients feel they can be open, allows them to work through what has brought them to therapy.


This may be a specific issue; a present difficult circumstance; or something that has been affecting them for a very long time and which is impacting their lives, their relationships and how they feel about themselves.


My approach is collaborative, where I listen very carefully to clients and work alongside them to help establish the right treatment and to help them to understand themselves, their feelings and their circumstances better.


To gain this understanding, it is important to understand the relationship between early experience and current problems. This doesn’t mean that we just talk about the past, but unless we understand how the past continues to exert an effect on the present, we cannot identify what needs to change now.


This deep sense of understanding and self-awareness gained through psychotherapy can facilitate autonomy, which can lead to meaningful change and growth. This in turn enables an increase in self-esteem, better personal and professional relationships and a sense of healing and contentment in life.

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Some reasons why people go to therapy

  • To be heard

  • To be seen

  • To learn to exist differently

  • To address mental health issues

  • To learn more about themselves

  • To learn how to set boundaries

  • To ease feelings of guilt

  • To end painful patterns

  • To work through relationship issues

  • To gain insight

  • To accept who they are

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Getting in touch/fees

Starting therapy can feel daunting, so I suggest the first step is to meet for one or two sessions to get a feel of what it would be like to work together and to establish whether psychodynamic psychotherapy or EMDR is suitable. 


If we do agree to work together and depending upon our approach, consistency is important so we would usually meet on the same day and time each week for 50 mins.


I charge £80 for the initial consultation and then if we agree to work together, the fee will be discussed and agreed between us.

I can offer once or twice weekly open-ended psychodynamic psychotherapy, in person or online from £75 per session depending on your financial situation.

EMDR sessions start at £90 per 50 minute session but may be longer if required by the client.

Cost will be calculated accordingly.

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Contact me by phone 07936 502 162, email me direct or use the form below.

Within  easy reach of:
Weybridge (5 mins from mainline station) | Esher | London Bridge | Walton on Thames | Cobham | Hersham | Chertsey | Addlestone | Byfleet

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